3 Collagen Benefits for Your Skin - SkinGlo Collagen

A daily collagen supplement can do many great things for your body, and the skin is no exception. It’s the main reason supplements such as our SkinGlo sachets are so popular.

Improves Hydration

Our studies found that those taking SkinGlo had 28% more hydration in their skin after just eight weeks. This can be attributed to one of our key ingredients, ceramides. They help to prevent the breakdown of collagen and keep skin hydrated.

Smooths, Firms and Plumps

Collagen can help to smooth, firm and plump the skin, making it look younger and healthier. After eight weeks of collagen consumption, our study found that collagen fragmentation decreased by 31%.


The elasticity of the skin helps the reduction of wrinkles, and collagen can work wonder for it. In another of our studies, elasticity improved by 18% after just two weeks of SkinGlo collagen consumption. After two months, the elasticity of the skin improved by more than 26%.

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