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You may or may not know that our SkinGlo Collagen sachets have a lovely exotic fruits flavour. Not only do they have a lot of potential to benefit your skin, we’d hope you know that by now, but they also have the potential to be used in a variety of ways. Read on for some inspiration.

The Sachet

Best for: those on the go

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with a classic. Shake, tear off the top and drink straight from the sachet for a quick dose of your daily collagen.

The Cold Drink

Best for: thirst-quenching

Some people like to dilute the flavour of the sachets and turn it into a long drink. If this is you, we recommend popping some ice, sparkling water and a wedge of lime in a glass. Gently pour your SkinGlo sachet on top. Mix very gently with a spoon.

The Smoothie

Best for: the healthy type

Popping your SkinGlo into a smoothie is a delicious and nutritious way to take your collagen supplement and top up on fibre and vitamins. We strongly recommend adding our collagen after blending to maintain the integrity of the liposomes. They’re the ‘life jackets’ that get all the nutrients to where they need to be. For example, try mixing some banana and strawberries with water, then add your SkinGlo sachet for an easy and quick smoothie.

The Bowl

Best for: snacking

If you are always after a healthy snack for the mid-morning or mid-afternoon, then this could be the one for you. We suggest one of two options; either a fruit bowl with our collagen sachet drizzled over the top of yoghurt, nuts and berries with a sachet drizzled over the top. Either way, it’ll be delicious. Just make sure to get every drop.

The Mocktail

Best for happy hour

There’s nothing like a mocktail for a lovely evening with friends and a hangover-free morning. If you want an alcohol-free day and have your collagen, both of which will be good for your skin, why not try mixing 50ml cranberry juice, 300ml orange juice, 300ml apple juice, 400ml sparkling water in a large jug with ice, orange slices and mint. Serve into glasses, and then pour the SkinGlo sachet over the top. You should have enough for four or more drinks, depending on how big your glasses are and how thirsty you are.


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