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Collagen is an abundant protein that is found within the human body, however, as it begins to deplete when you turn 30, topping up on collagen becomes essential. But have you ever wondered how long supplements take to work? Read on to find out.

Taking collagen has an array of benefits, from capsules to sachets, as long as the product is high-quality, it will offer you advantages to top up your collagen. Here are some benefits:

  • Taking a regular dose of collagen can help to improve wound healing.
  • Collagen supplements restore your bodies’ natural cartilage, which may help with a reduction in joint pain that is often caused by cartilage wearing away.
  • As the skin begins to weaken and fine lines begin to appear, collagen supplements offer to improve the elasticity of skin when taken regularly.
  • Collagen drinks such as SkinGlo can improve the strength of skin, hair, and nails when consumed on a daily basis.

Of course, you will be wondering how long collagen actually takes to come into effect, however, there is no simple answer for this. This is as there is a multitude of factors that need to be taken into account, which will be explained below.

Your Age

One of the primary factors that influence the levels of collagen found within your body, is your age. Whilst you’re young, your body will continually product collagen, meaning your skin will continue to thrive with elasticity and wound healing.

The one exception to age, however, is if you are suffering from an autoimmune disease, which may inhibit your ability to produce enough collagen. Here, it may be likely that a collagen drink or supplement won’t help, however, it may be best to speak to your doctor about how you can improve collagen alternatively.

On the other hand, if you’ve hit the 30 marks and have started to see fine lines or signs of aging, your natural collagen will have started to decrease. Collagen supplements may just give you a helping hand whilst your body is still giving your collagen but as a limited quantity. Don’t take our word for it though, some people age quicker than others and vice versa.

 Type of Collagen Used

Collagen can be found in a range of different forms, which includes around 15 types. Although there are seen to be 15 types of collagen, there are 4-5 main types that stand out. See below for an explanation.

Types of collagen and their locations in the body | Download Table

Source: ResearchGate

As you may expect, the type of collagen that you ingest will depend on the type of effects that you expect from it. For example, if you’re taking Type 3, you will probably be looking for stronger ligaments, a boost in skin youthfulness and elasticity. Whilst those choosing Type 5 may be looking for stronger lungs, bones, and overall muscle health. Be sure to find the right mix of collagen types for the effects you’re after.

Quantity of Collagen Consumed

As with all medication and supplements, the more you take of it, the more potent it will be. However, it is important to note that certain products, when taken in large doses, can have negative side effects. So be sure to read the instruction guide that comes with the product/supplement before you ingest.

Collagen isn’t dangerous when taken in large doses, however, as it is similar to Vitamin C, the more you take, the more your body will use and will pass through. Taking more than the recommended dose won’t give rapidly give you a youthful appearance whilst taking too little won’t have an effect at all. All collagen supplements will have different recommended doses, so just check the instructions beforehand.

Your Overall Health

Your body dedicates a lot of time and effort into fighting off illnesses, so for you to hurt it with the likes of smoking and drinking will mean it will have to spend longer clearing your body of toxins. The more you’re ingesting and inhaling the wrong things, the less energy will be spent healing the skin’s collagen.

Smoking has a huge health detriment, which damages every part of your body, and your body will begin suffering for it. Taking collagen supplements will not repair your collagen for the damage smoking has done, so quitting is the only option.

External Factors

An important factor to consider when it comes to the likes of stronger skin is sun damage. Exposure to too much sun without the correct protection can result in breaking down existing collagen. Thus, those people who spend a long time outdoors will see wrinkles and fine lines appearing quicker than those that spend time outside. Protecting your skin from sun damage is extremely vital as it can go a long way towards helping and preventing collagen from depleting.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for collagen for a while, why not check out our SkinGlo collagen? Packed with high-quality nutrients for skin, hair, and nails, SkinGlo is your go-to collagen drink for all your aging skin needs.


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