3 Ways to Stay Hydrated

3 Ways to Stay Hydrated

By now, we all know that we should be staying hydrated throughout the day. Ensuring we stay hydrated improves brain function, improves energy levels, helps physical performance, can reduce the likelihood of headaches, can prevent hunger pangs, and will help keep your skin healthy and supple. If it’s something you struggle with, then we have three tips that may help you.

Carry a Water Bottle

It may be a simple one, but it works. Keep a water bottle with you while you’re out, making it more likely you’ll take sips from it and stave off that thirst.

Reduce Salt

We’re not going to tell you to cut out salt entirely as it contains sodium which plays a significant part in delivering water to the body’s cells. However, if you consume large quantities of salt, it might be worth easing off as it can begin to dehydrate you as the body needs to flush the excess out.

Eat Food

Yes, that’s right. Certain foods can help to hydrate your body. Fruits and vegetables contain high water content. Think of things such as berries, melons, grapes, lettuce, oranges and spinach, to name a few. You can also opt for something like soup and smoothies for that extra hydration hit.

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