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Understanding your skin

Collagen is important because it is the structure your body uses to help skin, muscle, and bones heal and repair.

The older you get, your skin quality and skin condition changes. With age, your skin loses structural integrity. As we grow older, we lose collagen at a rate of 1% every year – that means that, by the age of 30, our bodies are creating up to 10% less, therefore affecting both the skin quality and skin condition.

To protect our skin, it’s important to take preventative steps in order to stop the loss of Collagen. SkinGlo will help keep your Collagen reserves topped up, resulting in firmer, smoother skin and an overall younger looking complexion for longer. You will see a change in not only the quality of your skin, but in the condition of your skin too.

Importance of collagen image

Collagen – What part does it play?

Collagen lost by age 30

Collagen is a fundamental building block for our skin. It’s the main structural protein in the various connective tissues in our bodies, and the most abundant protein found in mammals, making up between 25% – 35% of our bodies protein content. Not only does it mend bones and keep joints and ligaments strong, it provides the structure that causes skin to be firm, elastic and supple.

From our early 20’s we begin to lose this vital building block at a rate of 1% each year. By the time we reach our 30’s, we’ve lost around 10% of our Collagen.

To keep skin wrinkle-free and younger for longer, we need to keep our Collagen levels topped up and slow down the depletion.

Collagen Studies

Decrease in collagen fragmentation chart

After 4 weeks of Collagen consumption, Collagen fragmentation decreased significantly in the deep layers of the skin. After 8 weeks, a 31% reduction was seen in collagen fragmentation.

Improvement in skin hydration

Skin hydration was shown to increase by 28% after 8 weeks.

Ceramosides Studies


After as little as 15 days from ceramosides consumption, wrinkles were shown to reduce by 9%, and 18% over 2 months.


It is clinically proven that Ceramosides improve skin moisturisation by more than 16% in only 15 days and more than 21% after 2 months.


The reduction of wrinkles is significant after 2 weeks of consumption, and skin elasticity is improved by more than 18% in only 15 days, and more than 26% after 2 months.

Without Ceramosides

Moisture is readily lost from the skin over time through the epidermis of the skin.

With Ceramosides

Skin moisturisation is increased through the retention of moisture.

Nutriprotect technology – SkinGlo vs tablets

Time To Get Scientific – Marine Collagen Benefits

A common complaint when taking traditional skin supplements is the ineffectiveness of the product; this is often down to the way the supplements distribute their essential nutrients to your system. Traditional supplements can deliver as little as 10% of the vitamins and nutrients they contain into your body. That’s because acids in the stomach break down the nutrients before they can reach the bloodstream.

To solve this problem, our scientists developed NutriProtect technology to cloak over our marine collagen. This encases the supplement in a ‘life jacket’ – called a liposome – which keeps the nutrients intact until they get to where they need to be. Thanks to liposomes, SkinGlo delivers maximum absorption compared to other skin supplements on the market, helping you to unlock the formula for exceptional skin and see a noticeable difference in as little as 2 weeks.


Key ingredients

Not only does SkinGlo deliver the highest quality Collagen straight to your gut, it also contains vital vitamins and nutrients to further assist your body in its Collagen production and help revitalise your skin. We believe in a natural approach using only the purest, most effective ingredients.

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen

8 grams of the most bioavailable form with low molecular weight to strengthen the Collagen matrix in the skin.


Vitamin C

Essential for Collagen formation and helps reduce damage to the skin.



An essential Amino Acid that helps rebuild the Collagen matrix.

B Vitamins

Contribute to the maintenance and protection of cells from oxidative stress promoting clearer, more radiant skin.


SkinGlo sachets

Helps Collagen and Keratin formation and prevents ageing.


Hyaluronic Acid

A vital natural substance that calms, hydrates, and protects the skin.


Ceramosides (Wheat Extract)

Prevent the breakdown of Collagen and keeps the skin hydrated.


We use high grade, hydrolysed marine collagen. It is absorbed into the body more readily as it has the lowest molecular Dalton weight.



Collagen is an exceptionally popular product that is supplemented by millions of men and women across the world, which comes in the forms of supplements, medicine and cosmetics.

SkinGlo collagen is very safe to use for everyday consumption as it is a high-quality Type 1 collagen, offers the daily recommended dosage and is stringently tested within laboratories to ensure optimal quality and safety.