How To Take Collagen

How To Take Collagen

New to supplements and wondering how to take collagen? Perhaps you’ve tried other collagen powders in the past, but haven’t tried SKINGLO’s liquid collagen before. Understanding how much collagen per day you should be aiming for, as well as how to take collagen supplements is key to getting the most from our products - we’re here to help you on your journey to feeling like your very best self.

How To Take Collagen: What You Need To Know

How To Take Collagen: What You Need To Know

SKINGLO’s liquid collagen sachets are designed to be taken on-the-go, making them easy to fit into a busy lifestyle – throw yours into your gym bag, work bag, or keep them in the car. Self-care should never take a backseat, and it doesn’t have to when you choose SKINGLO. Simply shake, tear, and go – it couldn’t be simpler.

3 steps to taking collagen

What Does Collagen Taste Like?

When you’re wondering how to take collagen, it’s natural to wonder how your supplements are going to taste. SKINGLO’s collagen drinks are flavoured with exotic fruits like peach and mango for a refreshing, revitalising taste that you’ll look forward to every day. Delight your taste buds and your skin with our versatile, easy-to-take collagen sachets.

With 8,000mg of high-quality marine collagen in every sachet, taking just one of these before breakfast, before you start your morning workout, on your commute, or when you get to your desk will provide you with the daily collagen you need to keep your natural stores topped up.

Our collagen drinks pack a punch with an impressive absorption rate that surpasses other collagen supplements on the market. When you’re researching how to take collagen, bear in mind that you should be looking for a highly bioavailable form to give you the best results; SKINGLO’s collagen drinks contain the most bioavailable form of collagen to ingest, helping you to restore your skin from within.

How Much Collagen Should I Take Each Day?

The recommendation for how much collagen per day you need will vary slightly depending on your age, goals, and the kind of supplement you’re taking. At SKINGLO, our marine collagen supplements contain 8,000mg of highly absorbable marine collagen in every sachet to provide you with your daily dose.

Our single dose sachets mean there’s no messing around when it comes to knowing how to take collagen, and there’s no need for any maths or measuring to work out how much collagen per day you should be getting. SKINGLO makes it easy – shop our full range of collagen drinks today.

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