Hyaluronic acid supplement: Benefits, uses, side effects and more 

Hyaluronic acid supplement: Benefits, uses, side effects and more 

Renowned as a ‘skin-moisturising powerhouse’ by beauty experts, many of us now use hyaluronic acid 

Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, is a vital natural substance found in our bodies that is a major contributor to the skin’s elasticity – but our sources deplete as we age and through other factors such as air pollution and smoking. 

That’s why skincare lovers turn to products such as moisturisers, serums and foundations that contain this important hydrator to give their skin a much-needed boost. 

But while traditional skincare products simply treat the skin’s surface, here at SKINGLO we’ve created a liquid HA supplement that works from within to enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Read on to find out more… 

What is a hyaluronic acid supplement?

Natural hyaluronic acid is found in the body, primarily in the skin, eyes, and connective tissues. It can be reproduced for health and beauty products through various methods, including extraction from plant or animal sources and bacterial fermentation. 

At SKINGLO, we believe the most effective way to see the benefits of using hyaluronic acid is through drinking a liquid supplement that works from within to help replenish your skin’s moisture levels and give you a healthy glow. 

We have developed our own special supplement containing the substance – available in a delicious cherry flavour – with the added benefit of containing collagen-boosting vitamin C. SKINGLO hyaluronic acid is a product of the plant fermentation process and is vegan-friendly.  

Do hyaluronic acid supplements work?

Creams and serums containing hyaluronic acid are a popular way to use this hydrating hero, but you can also top up your levels by using a supplement. 

Liquid supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than tablets containing HA and you can also see results much quicker than topical alternatives. 

Its use is also said to improve other factors in the body as well as the skin – it can help your joints to move more smoothly and be used to help wounds heal with minimal scarring. 

What is the best form of hyaluronic acid to take?

Depending on what you want to achieve, this key ingredient has many uses and comes in a range of wonderful applications that can speed up the moisture barrier repair process.  

A moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid is a great and effective way to bolster your daily skincare routine when used morning and night, in addition to taking an HA supplement. 

Taking a supplement orally helps to stall the decline in your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels by boosting supplies as the formula is distributed around your body. It makes its way to your skin by binding to water molecules to increase the skin’s water content. 

Studies have shown how taking hyaluronic acid supplements can make skin appear smoother, making this a fantastic way to love your skin from within.  

The benefits of hyaluronic acid supplements:

As we get older, the moisture levels in our skin can be impacted by the effects of ageing and environmental factors such as UV rays and air pollution. These can leave us with wrinkles and fine lines that make us look older, cause an uneven texture and tone, and affect our natural glow. 

Hyaluronic acid can benefit you by: 

Are hyaluronic acid supplements safe?

Taking a hyaluronic acid supplement daily is a safe and effective way to boost your skin’s self-care routine, says our SKINGLO expert Dr Bhanu Teja Surikutchi. 

He said: “The carefully formulated science behind our supplement ensures that it offers the daily recommended dosage and has been stringently tested in laboratories to ensure optimal quality and safety. We know from many of our customers that it has given their skin a much-needed boost.” 

In addition SKINGLO, which is manufactured and distributed in the UK by Nutrivitality, complies with all regulations and standards set by both the Food Safety Agency (FSA) and Trading Standards. 

Our hyaluronic acid supplements

Revitalise your skin from within with SKINGLO’s Hyaluronic Acid drink supplement. An easy-to-take liquid format for maximum absorption, its unique blend also contains vitamin C, one of the key ingredients that boosts collagen. 

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