Spring clean your skincare and keep hold of these three ingredients

Spring clean your skincare and keep hold of these three ingredients

The feeling of renewal in spring is hard to beat. After making it through the first few months of the year, spring is known for spurring on deep cleaning, decluttering and refreshing, often reserved for the depths of our wardrobes or our homes. But why can’t we ‘Marie Kondo’ our beauty routines too? 

With skincare ingredients falling in and out of fashion in a fast-moving cycle, over the years a beauty lover’s cabinet can easily get clogged up with products that don’t work, are out of date, or just aren’t right for their specific skin type. 

For those who are looking to refine their collection and inform their next skincare purchases, Dr Charlotte Morse, development lead at Nutrivitality, parent brand of liquid supplement specialist SKINGLO, explains three key ingredients that are a definite ‘in’ for skin this spring.  

Three skincare ingredients to keep this spring  

Hyaluronic Acid – to keep skin hydrated  

“Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body already and it helps to attract and store water molecules, increasing overall water content in the skin. However, as you get older, your store depletes – and this is made worse by lifestyle factors such as smoking and pollution.  

“To help, opting for hyaluronic acid-based skincare can help you to benefit from its unmatchable hydration properties, keeping skin plump and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Staying hydrated can also help to maintain a heathy skin barrier, which is essential for preventing infections and stopping skin conditions such as dermatitis, rosacea and acne in their tracks.” 

Glutathione – to reduce hyperpigmentation  

“Hyperpigmentation affects all skin types, generating patches of red, brown or black spots of different sizes and shapes depending on the natural skin colour and extent of exposure to triggers such as UV from sun light or scarring from spots. 

“Glutathione is a tripeptide molecule, composed of three amino acids (cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid). This powerful trio is a fantastic antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress, which can cause a breakdown of collagen and skin elasticity. It is also renowned for improving the appearance of dark circles and hyperpigmentation and can help reduce the production of melanin, which is the primary cause of hyperpigmentation. 

“All of this good on its own, but when combined with vitamin B7, more commonly known as Biotin, it creates the ultimate skin-boosting cocktail thanks to its additional hydrating and smoothing properties.  

Collagen – to glow from head to toe  

“Collagen is an essential building block that makes up nearly a third of all the protein in the body, found in places such as muscles, ligaments and blood vessels as well as our skin. Bodies can make their own supply of collagen by breaking down certain amino acids (a combination of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen), but this depletes as we age, and by 30 the body is missing around 10% of the collagen it once had. 

“For skin, this can leave you with a complexion that feels dull, flat and more prone to fine lines, so it’s important to help your body to regenerate its collagen through a healthy diet and high-quality supplements. 

“Collagen can also have a wider impact on the rest of your body, improving hair growth by repairing the skin where hair follicles grow, promoting better joint function and even helping to improve gut health by restoring the gut lining.” 

The benefits of treating your skin from within  

Beyond invasive treatments or injections, many people think that skincare is limited to topical creams, gels and serums. However, there are lots of benefits to taking these key ingredients in the form of supplements. Nutrivitality, whose labs create each SKINGLO product, champions the benefits of liquid supplements and has bolstered the format with its signature NutriProtect technology, using liposomes to protect vitamins and nutrients on their way to the bloodstream. 

Dr Charlotte explains: 

“Liquid oral supplements are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than traditional tablets and won’t be broken down and destroyed by digestive acids. This already makes it the most effective way to get the most out of your skincare ingredients. But, to really ensure you’re getting all of the benefits, we developed our NutriProtect technology which protects each ingredient in a ‘life jacket’, allowing for maximum absorption. 

“Not every skincare product is made the same, so always look out for the concentration of each ingredient, as well as any other extras, such as our use of liposomal technology or evidence of clinical testing to ensure you’re choosing the best products when refreshing your skincare this spring.” 

View the full range of SKINGLO products, including Rose Gold Collagen, Vegan Collagen Support, Skin Brightening and Hyaluronic Acid here.  

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