Our story

Our story

Coming from the labs at our parent company, Nutrivitality, SKINGLO was created because conventional collagen supplements were lacking the technology to make them work efficiently.  

Nutrivitality leads the way in world-class, award-winning supplements with their invention of NutriProtect Technology, which uses liposomes to protect vitamins & nutrients on their way to your bloodstream. This allows for maximum absorption of vitamins and nutrients compared to other supplements on the market. SKINGLO contains this ground-breaking technology, ensuring you’re getting the most effective clinically proven anti-ageing skincare supplement available. 

We are a family-run company that was born out of a family illness, which led us to question the current supplement products on the market. 

The secret to a better complexion is to unlock what our bodies need to naturally revive the skin from within – that’s where SKINGLO comes in. SKINGLO has a wide variety of products, from supplements containing the highest quality hydrolysed marine collagen, to vegan-friendly collagen-supporting supplements to strengthen skin and keep it supple, glowing and firm.  

We support your health and beauty routine from the inside out, with deliciously tasty supplements to give you an instant pick-me-up. Our skin brightening and hyaluronic acid drinks are perfect for getting your daily dose of beauty-boosting ingredients. 

Our innovative supplements have all the nutrients you need to regenerate cells and improve your skin’s overall vitality. 

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