What’s in SkinGlo? An In-Depth Look At Our Amazing Ingredients

What’s in SkinGlo? An In-Depth Look At Our Amazing Ingredients

SkinGlo Collagen drink is developed using the most advanced technology and the purest ingredients in order to care for your skin from within. But what makes our hand-picked ingredients stand out from the rest? Here, we show you an in-depth look at the magic behind the glo.

Peptan – Collagen

Obviously, our core ingredient is hydrolysed Collagen. Collagen is a complex structural protein which makes up the connective tissues in our body and is found in skin, tendons, cartilage, hair and nails. However, from our early 20’s we begin losing Collagen by 1% year on year, meaning by the time we reach 30 we have lost up to 10% of our Collagen reserves. To pause the signs of ageing, it’s important we keep these reserves topped up by getting Collagen back into the bloodstream.

We specifically chose Peptan Marine Collagen as it’s been proven to increase the density of collagen in the body, as well as an increase of skin hydration – after just 4 weeks, studies show an increase of skin hydration by up to 28%.

Marine Collagen is extracted from freshwater fish, typically something like salmon, and is far more easily absorbed than other Collagen types. It also has a far lower allergy threat as it’s more similar to human Collagen.

Wheat Lipid Extract

Wheat Extract is rich in Ceramides and is great for keeping hydration locked into the skin.

Ceramides are lipid molecules that surround cells in the epidermis of the skin. With age, our skin produces less ceramides so skin becomes dryer and wrinkles begin to form, as well as age spots.

Because Ceramides act as a barrier and help retain moisture, they’re ideal for helping keep skin hydrated and healthy. The Wheat Lipid Extract in SkinGlo helps protect your skin from drying out, therefore keeping skin plump and healthy.


MSM, or Methylsulfonylmethane, is an organic sulphur compound and is the third largest nutrient found in the body. If sulphur is lacking in the body, it can lead to cracking of the skin as well as wrinkles.

MSM has been reported to increase antioxidant defence, as well as help form connective tissue in the skin. It works by enhancing the formation of Collagen and Keratin, the structural proteins found in the hair, nails and the outer layer of the skin.

Sulphuris also important for maintaining detoxification of the skin, so it’s great at reducing blemishes too; skin conditions like rosacea and acne can be improved.

B Vitamins

Our specially selected range of B Vitamins plays a vital role in the health of your skin.

A B Vitamin deficiency can lead to dry, itchy skin. Because Vitamins can’t be stored by the body, it’s important to consume them regularly in order to keep the body topped up.

They are effective antioxidants, protecting the skin from signs of ageing like discolouration and wrinkles. They also facilitate the use of oxygen in your hair and nails, while promoting cell healing and growth.

As well as this, studies have shown that a variety of Vitamins may help protect the skin from sun damage and skin cancer.

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