5 Ways to Look After Your Skin in Colder Weather

5 Ways to Look After Your Skin in Colder Weather

Some things are inevitable, and now the nights are drawing in, and the clocks have gone back, the colder weather is definitely on its way. While we don’t mind the colder weather here at SkinGlo, who doesn’t love the autumn leaves and sitting around a fire at Christmas, we understand this time of year can wreak havoc on your skin. So we’ve put our favourite winter skincare tips together to help you stay looking your best throughout the party season.

Moisturise, Obviously

It seems like an obvious thing to say but moisturising at this time of year is essential. Of course, you should moisturise all year, but it’s worth paying extra attention to your skin when the weather is colder. If your skin becomes dryer in the cooler weather, it’s worth using a richer moisturiser and/or introducing a serum before you moisturise to soak in at a deeper level. For some, continuing your usual routine might be enough. Just keep an eye on your skin, see how it feels and go from there; too much of a change can also be a bad thing. Oh, and keep those hands moisturised too.

Watch the Wind

The wind can be a cruel thing at this time of year, and your face is the exposed part of your body that will deal with the brunt of it. If you can cover up with a scarf or a hood, it can help reduce the impact. Also, try to face away from the wind if possible. Although it can never be avoided entirely, taking a bit of care and following the moisturising advice above should be enough to reduce the impact of the harsh elements. Also, it’s worth using a lip balm regularly. It’s incredible how most of us don’t realise our lips need it.

Reduce the Temperature

This goes for showers and the thermostat. Although it’s tempting and feels nice at the time, having a lovely warm house and hot showers can dry and irritate the skin. We’re not suggesting you have a cold house but try to have the temperature comfortable but not on a hot setting. When showering, try having lukewarm showers, and the same goes for washing your hands. Moisturising straight after your shower is also an excellent habit.

Don’t Skip the SPF

Just because it’s cloudy and grey doesn’t mean you should skip the suncream. The UV rays from the sun can permeate clouds and still damage your skin. Also, if we happen to get snow, it’s essential to continue with your SPF as the snow will reflect the suns rays and increase exposure. Getting into the habit of applying some sunscreen before you go out is a good habit year-round. You can even get moisturisers with added SPF to make it easier.

Stay Hydrated and Limit the Booze

Drinking water throughout the day is for the whole year and not just Christmas and the cold weather times. Ensuring you’re getting enough H2O in the winter should help keep your skin hydrated during those cold dark months. Equally, although cold weather means party season, it’s worth watching the amount of alcohol you consume. Alcohol dehydrates the body, disturbs sleep, increases inflammation and has been found to worsen skin conditions. So maybe don’t go too hard, or you may want to stay home anyway.

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