Benefits of Sleep

Benefits of Sleep

Apart from the odd person who may say something like ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ or something along those lines, most of us love to sleep, yet probably don’t get enough. However, over recent years more information has been released that suggests ensuring we have 7-9 hours every night can have a wide range of benefits. Here we list a handful of benefits that might make you reconsider staying out late or watching that extra episode on Netflix and instead get some more sleep.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being awake longer means your body will need more food for energy and research has shown that being sleep deprived alters the hormones responsible for appetite, meaning you’re more likely to feel hungry.

Brain Performance

Not having enough sleep or having a poor night’s sleep has been heavily linked to impairing attention span, concentration, reaction times, risk assessment and planning. Sleep also means your brain can rest, which allows it to process what you’ve learnt throughout the day and improving your memory.

Athletic Performance

Although the research is relatively new compared to other sleep studies, recent findings suggest that having a night of good quality sleep can improve athletic performance. Several high-profile sportspeople sing the praises of rest including NBA player LeBron James.

Repair and Recovery

Sleep allows your body to rest and repair itself. This can allow your body to strengthen your immune system, repair muscles, improve your skin, and reduce inflammation. Many believe that reducing inflammation can reduce the risks of cancer, diabetes, and heart-related issues.

Improve Mental Health

Sleeping has been shown to improve serotonin levels which means you are less likely to suffer from depression and other mental health issues. Also, waking up feeling refreshed and revived just put you in a better mood and a lot less likely to feel grumpy.

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