Can Houseplants Keep Skin Hydrated During the Winter?

Can Houseplants Keep Skin Hydrated During the Winter?

Houseplants could be the answer to banishing dry skin during colder weather!

As the weather gets colder, freezing winds and central heating can all cause havoc on our skin. The constant changes in temperature teamed with the persistent onslaught of rain, wind and chill means our skin can take a serious battering, losing its moisture and becoming dry and uncomfortable.

Aside from using daily skincare and taking a sachet of SkinGlo, studies are now suggesting house plants can help increase moisture in the skin. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) commissioned a survey along with Reading University and PhD student Curtis Gubb that discovered certain house plants can actually benefit our skin.

Plants transpire, meaning they “breathe” by taking in carbon dioxide and losing water through their leaves as they expel oxygen. This increases the air flow indoors, meaning air is less dry and far better for our skin.

Plants are not only good for the skin but are also great for increased levels of oxygen, and for bringing a calm tranquillity to your interiors – other studies conducted have shown indoor plants can help improve concentration & productivity by up to 15%, as well as reduce stress levels and boosting mood.

To choose the best type of plants, look for ones with a high transpiration rates or large canopies that can expel more water. Plants can lose several hundred millilitres of water per square inch of leaf area depending on the plant type, size and room conditions, so do some research in order to pick the right plant for you.

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