Collagen Could Be The Answer to Keeping Colds at Bay

As the cold weather sets in, we’ll all be thinking of ways to avoid the dreaded onslaught of runny noses, sore throats and chesty coughs.

But rather than adding another all-in-one supplement to your diet, you may already have the answer to your winter health needs.

Collagen is not only great for the skin, but it’s also excellent for it’s gut-health inducing properties. As a type of protein, collagen helps maintain the health of our digestive systems, thereby supporting our immune systems and keeping colds at bay.

During the winter, when our health is tested by cold weather and stress (not to mention the shopping and heavy food), taking collagen can help in a variety of ways. Collagen can help regulate stomach acid, heal stomach ulcers, aid in digestion, repair us from within, and can even help conditions such as IBS. It’s also great for preventing inflammation as it contains the amino acid glutamine.

Collagen helps our skin hold water which leads to more hydrated skin. This is also true of the gut – collagen helps keep water there, helping food move through the GI tract more easily.

So not only will taking collagen result in smoother, younger-looking skin, but you’ll also be keeping colds at bay, too!

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