Does Heat Destroy Collagen

Does Heat Destroy Collagen

Hopefully, you’re including one of our collagen supplements into your daily regime by now. If that is the case, you might be considering the best way to store it and whether temperature can damage the collagen. Here we give you a run down.

Does Heat Damage Collagen?

Many believe that because collagen contains protein, if exposed to high temperatures the collagen structure can breakdown. Like most things in life, there are a couple of opinions on this. Some believe that collagen can be affected by heat and even a moderately high temperature can damage its structure. Others think it can be damaged by heat, but only if it’s a very high temperature and others believe it’s not likely to impact the collagen at all.

In truth, it’s hard to say and really there isn’t enough research to give definitive answer. We would recommend you refrain from mixing your SkinGlo collagen with a hot liquid. This is because it may decrease the effectiveness of the collagen, but also the other ingredients in your SkinGlo sachet.

How to Store it

Most collagen come wrapped in packaging designed to keep it safe and maintain it’s integrity. Keeping the collagen away from heat sources such as direct sunlight would be advisable. We would recommend checking the packaging to see if there are any specific storage instructions.


Although there isn’t necessarily any evidence to show that heat will have a negative affect on your collagen, but there also isn’t anything to say it doesn’t. Due to this, we would recommend exercising caution when it comes to heat and collagen when consuming and when storing it. Always read the packaging and/or instructions with your collagen products to see the manufacturers suggestions.

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