Face Mapping – How Can it Help You Get Flawless Skin?

Face Mapping – How Can it Help You Get Flawless Skin?

“Face mapping” may help you get beautiful skin!

“Face mapping” originally comes from ancient Chinese medicine and used to be used as a diagnostic tool to determine ailments in the body. The idea is that the face gets blemishes in specific areas when other areas of the body are malfunctioning. While it’s always best to see a dermatologist for skin issues, there are some people who swear by this ancient technique for keeping skin beautiful.

So how does it work? The face is thought to be broken into three sections – the upper, middle, and lower sections.


The forehead is thought to be connected to the bladder and intestines. Blemishes on the forehead could indicate a poorly tummy or issues with digestion. Advice is to make sure you’re sleeping properly, drink lots of water to flush out toxins, eliminate alcohol and sugar, and chew food well before swallowing.

Ear & Temples

The ears and temples are thought to be connected to the kidneys. Poor lymphatic circulation and dehydration could show on the skin in this area. Advice is to drink plenty of water, stop smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine, and to eliminate processed foods.

Between the brows

Between the brows is thought to be connected to the liver and stomach. Dehydration, excessive alcohol consumption, fatty liver, and and gallbladder problems could all show here. Advice is to get gentle exercise, sleep well, avoid late night snacks and get plenty of fresh air.

Nose and upper cheek

The nose and upper cheek areas are supposedly related to heart and cardiovascular issues. Poor circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol are thought to make the skin oily in these areas. Advice is to drink green tea, consume less meat and salt, exercise, and get fresh air.

Right cheek

The right cheek is said to be connected to the lungs and respiratory system. Issues with sinus’ and allergies could be causing blemishes here. Advice is to exercise, avoid fast food, change pillows frequently, clean your mobile phone regularly, and get plenty of fresh air.

Left cheek

The left cheek is thought to be connected to the liver and stomach. Blemishes here could also indicate dental problems. Advice is to have a professional clean at the dentist every 6 months, to avoid processed foods, clean your mobile phone regularly, and get enough sleep.

Mouth & lips

Breakouts here are associated with the menstrual cycle and stress. Unfortunately avoiding that time of the month is unavoidable, but gentle cleansing and eating well can help keep blemishes at bay.

Jawline and chin

The jawline and chin are known for being affected by the digestive system and the menstrual cycle. Practising good hygiene, getting plenty of sleep, eating lots of fibre, and reducing stress as much as possible can all help keep this area clear.

We’re all bound to get the odd blemish or two, but to give skin a better chance of staying healthy and beautiful, you need to give your skin what it needs from within.

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