How to Conquer a Hangover

How to Conquer a Hangover

7 Ways to Feel Better, Faster

Whether or not you’re taking part in Dry January, we could all do with some expert advise when you are drinking and the dreaded hangover arrives – here’s some pro tips to help you beat the alcohol blues and feel back on top.

  1. Hydrate. Drink as much water as you can – headaches are a common side effect to over-drinking, as are parched mouths and dry throats. To try and prevent (or at least reverse) these effects, drink a big glass of water before bed and another first thing when you wake.
  2. Line your stomach. A classic – but a classic for a reason. Unfortunately, that kebab you have on your way home wont really help. You’re best to eat before any drinking takes place – this way, the alcohol isn’t released into the bloodstream quite so quickly.
  3. Eat smart. Beforehand, load up on foods like kale, broccoli, avocado and green tea to replenish the liver.
  4. Eat eggs for breakfast. The day of your hangover, eat eggs for breakfast as they’re packed with an amino acid (called cysteine) which will help break down the alcohol toxin, acetylaldehyde.
  5. Lay off caffeine. You may feel the urge to reach for your favourite cup of brown stuff, but hold back – caffeine is a diuretic and can make hydration worse. Drink plenty of fresh water instead to rehydrate. Coconut water is also great for replenishing hydration.
  6. Go for a walk. Sorry, you probably don’t want to hear this, but doing some light exercise with help increase your metabolism and help you feel better faster.
  7. Drink SkinGlo. SkinGlo is packed with Vitamin C; taking Vitamin C before and after drinking is thought to help hangovers because it speeds up the bodies metabolism of alcohol by the liver, so make sure you take your daily sachet on the day of drinking and the day after to help keep your hangover at bay.

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