Liquid Collagen – Why Choose SkinGlo over Conventional Tablets

Liquid Collagen – Why Choose SkinGlo over Conventional Tablets

Liquid vs Tablet – Why is SkinGlo in Liquid Form?

We all want smooth, youthful skin for longer, and thanks to SkinGlo that’s now a possibility due to its unique concentration of marine collagen and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

But why is SkinGlo in a liquid formula over a conventional solid tablet? There are several reasons, some of which you may find surprising.

Liquid formula supplements are storming the market, but they’ve been getting mixed reviews on their effectiveness. People generally choose liquid supplements because they believe the faster absorption rate they provide is better – but actually, a slower absorption rate is generally preferred, so this isn’t educated reasoning to choose liquid. The real reason liquids are better is because they have a smaller molecular structure than solid supplements. This means they are more easily absorbed, and less of the nutrients are destroyed in the gut.

Liquid formulas also provide more flexibility with dosing and are generally a lot easier for people to take over tablet form.

It’s important to note that while liquid formulas are better than solid, they still don’t provide the best kind of absorption – that’s where NutriProtect Technology comes in.

What is Liposomal Technology?

Here at Nutrivitality, we wanted to create a product that was easy to take, convenient and – most importantly – a product that WORKED. Through lots of testing and research, we developed Nutriprotect technology. Our scientists use liposomes to keep SkinGlo’s key nutrients intact through your stomach and into your blood where it is needed. This liposome encasement acts like a protective lifejacket, meaning you’ll be absorbing up to 8X more than conventional supplements.

As well as this, SkinGlo is not unpleasant to take unlike other supplement types. The liquid formula is all contained within a neat, transportable sachet which can be taken at any time of the day. Despite containing marine collagen, there is no “fishy” taste. SkinGlo has a pleasant tropical flavour and can be taken neat or mixed into water like squash.

Using the most thorough techniques and by keeping the end user in mind at each stage of the process, we’ve created the most exceptional collagen supplement on the market, ensuring a better you, every day.

SkinGlo – helping you unlock the formula to exceptional skin.

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