The Ultimate Skincare Routine

The Ultimate Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin can seem like a task. It’s easy to have a quick rinse with water and slap some moisturiser on and get on with your day. However, taking some time to look after your skin now will benefit your future self. Below is the ultimate skincare routine. It may seem long-winded and time-consuming, but we consider it a way to indulge. Think of it as a mini spa trip.



Cleansing should start any skincare routine; it helps to hydrate the skin and removes dirt and grime from your face. Removing any unwanted debris will help to prevent your pores from blockages which can cause inflammation and spots. We recommend you cleanse twice a day, morning and night. However, it doesn’t work for everyone, particularly those with dry skin. If this is the case, cleanse at night to wash the day’s dirt away.


Often seen as optional, toning after cleansing your skin is an effective way to unclog pores, provide additional cleansing, hydrate the skin and add a healthy layer for your skin to absorb other skincare products better. Toning can be very beneficial to men, who are more prone to avoid this step, as the men tend to have larger pores. Whatever sex you are, you should tone whenever you’ve used your cleanser.


Another part of a routine that is seen as optional but can pay off massively is the use of a serum. After using toner, a serum can help repair and protect and help maintain the youthful and healthy appearance of the skin. There are various serums now available, so it’s worth researching and finding one that can treat your specific concern.


Next up is something we should all be familiar with by now, moisturiser. A moisturiser ensures your skin is hydrated and can leave your skin feeling soft. One with SPF is ideal in the morning as it will also protect you from the sun. If your moisturiser doesn’t contain any SPF, make sure you apply some suncream after applying your moisturiser and eye cream.

Eye Cream

Help to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay by using an eye cream. The skin around the eye area is fragile and delicate, and so a specialist eye cream is the best way to ward off signs of ageing and reduce the look of dark circles.

The Extras


When it comes to exfoliating, there are two options: either buy an exfoliator and use it twice a week or use an exfoliating cleanser every evening. Exfoliating is key to removing dead skin and remove impurities that can clog up the skin. Specific exfoliators usually are harsher and more intense, so they should be used a couple of times a week. In contrast, the more modern cleansers/exfoliators are gentler and can be used every evening to cleanse and remove the day’s dirt and grime.


Masks come in all sorts of forms, and what type you choose is dictated by the kind of skin you have. If you have dry skin, a hydrating mask is your best choice. If you’re prone to oily skin, then one to treat that is a better bet, and so on. Depending on your skin type and choice of mask, the frequency of usage will vary, but you’ll usually you’ll be using it one to three times a week.

Collagen Supplements

Forgive us for tooting our own horn, but taking our SkinGlo Collagen supplement every day is the ideal way to keep your collagen levels topped up. This means your skin can stay hydrated, smooth, fresh and plump and retain that youthful glow. When we age, we begin to lose collagen at a rate of 1% every year. Keeping these collagen levels topped up daily will help prevent collagen loss and keep your complexion younger for longer.


One of the most underrated ways to take care of your skin is to sleep. When we sleep, our bodies start to repair and rebuild themselves. In terms of skin, this means they restore collagen supplies, repair UV exposure, and reduce wrinkles and ageing, not to mention reducing those dark undereye spots. Aiming for 7 to 9 hours a night is ideal not only for your skin but for your overall health.

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