Collagen Supplements & More To Give Your Body A Boost

Collagen Supplements & More To Give Your Body A Boost

Whether you’ve been feeling tired, achy, or just a bit flat, it’s normal to feel like your body needs a boost from time to time. Luckily, there are lots of ways to put a spring back in your step, be it immune system support, energy boost supplements or collagen boosting supplements. Read on to find out how supplements can give your body the boost it needs.

Reasons You Might Need Perking Up

Life can be frenetic and there’s lots of reasons you might have been feeling out of sorts or like you just need a little something extra. During the colder months for instance, our immune system has to work harder, which can leave us feeling more fatigued than normal. Here are some of the common reasons why people look to things like collagen supplements for some extra support.

  1. Exercise

    We should all be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week according to the NHS, which equates to around half an hour five times a week. Exercise means working our joints, ligaments and muscles. If you’re feeling a bit sore after workouts or like your joints aren’t reacting quite as you want them to, then using supplements for joint health or exercise supplements could be a great way to boost your workout. 

    Exercise can also be really good for your skin, so using exercise supplements might not only power you through a workout, but also help to improve your complexion at the same time. 

    Collagen supplements have been shown to improve joint health and bone density, making exercise and recovery easier so you don’t need to skip a run, swim, or fitness class again. 

  2. Immunity

    Our immune system is perhaps the most important part of our body to give a helping hand to. A low immune system can mean recurrent illnesses, stomach problems, and inflammation that can cause rashes and dry skin conditions. At the very least, it can leave us feeling fatigued. 

    An immune system booster supplement can give us the pep up we need and help us feel stronger, be more active and get ill less often. Antibodies that fight infections are made of protein, which is why adding a collagen supplement to your routine can help build your immune system. 

    Collagen is the biggest protein in our body, so replenishing it will help those antibodies work. A healthy immune system also has a knock-on effect; we’re far more likely to stick to exercise or be productive at work when we’re as healthy as we can be. 

  3. Gut Health

    We might associate gut health with digestive issues and tummy troubles, and rightly so. However, gut health can also impact other areas of our lives, from causing us to be lethargic and suffer from low energy, to lowering our immune system and even bringing our mood down. Around 70-80% of our immune system is located in our gut. Gut health supplements are helpful not just for healing your gut but as an immune system booster too.

    A study has shown that collagen supplements help to repair the digestive tract and reduce the effects of a leaky gut. Collagen contains amino acids and it’s reportedly these amino acids that are so good for your gut. Taking hydrolysed collagen supplements is an even better way to get this good stuff as it’s already broken down and your gut won’t need to do any extra work. Read more about the science behind SKINGLO collagen supplements here. 

  4. Energy

    Busy lives can mean we all end up feeling a bit sluggish from time to time. Coupled with a lack of sleep, you might notice you’re lacking in energy more often than not. There are many reasons why our bodies might not have the energy they need, from a lowered immune system, lack of exercise, or even digestive issues. 

    You can get extra energy from food sources and by using energy boost supplements. Foods like lentils, chicken and spinach can all help boost energy levels – these are all collagen-rich foods too. A collagen supplement will have the same effect, and taken alongside a healthy diet can give your energy levels the kickstart they need.

    Collagen includes something called glycine, and glycine has been shown to calm the nervous system and improve sleep patterns. Reduced stress and better sleep means more energy. 

  5. Appearance

    It’s an annoying truth that when we aren’t feeling so good on the inside, it starts to show on the outside. Dull skin, acne, or even a rash can flare up when we’re stressed, tired, or unwell. A lack of energy, immunity, and exercise can all contribute to our skin looking less than glowing. Even more annoying, when our skin does show the strain, it makes us more stressed and the cycle continues. Taking a supplement to target every area is an easy way to boost our body and revive our skin. 

    Collagen is responsible for firm, plump, youthful looking skin. The ingredients in collagen supplements contribute to hydrated skin and a healthy skin barrier, so you’ll look fresher on the outside and feel great inside.  

Supplements to Give Your Body a Boost

Not feeling quite like yourself can be frustrating and tiresome. Particularly in colder weather, we can feel like we need a pick-me-up. Taking collagen boosting supplements all year round can boost your body in so many ways, including:

SKINGLO sells hydrolysed marine collagen and vegan collagen support. Our Collagen Drink Rose Gold and Collagen Drink Charcoal are both packed with bio-available marine collagen that can be easily digested and absorbed quickly. With an essential blend of vitamins and minerals in every sachet, it takes less than a minute to get the boost your body needs and improve how you look and feel. Our Vegan Collagen Support formula contains all of these beneficial vitamins and minerals in a single one-a-day sachet, but is completely vegan-friendly.

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