5 Foods High in Collagen

Obviously, our SkinGlo sachets are a great way to keep your collagen levels topped up and include extra ingredients to make the most of the collagen you consume. However, we know you might want to try and further bump your collagen intake, so we’ve come up with a list of five of our favourite foods that have high amounts of collagen.


Chicken contains all the amino acids your body needs to produce collagen. The chicken tissues offer a rich source of dietary collagen.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits are packed full of vitamin C, which is known for myriad benefits. One of these benefits is that it plays a significant role in producing the precursor to collagen and helps link amino acids during collagen production.


Rich in protein, which allows them to offer all the essential amino acids needed for collagen production. They also provide a source of copper and vitamin C (chickpeas are exceptionally high in vitamin C), which are linked to helping collagen production.


Peppers, in particular red bell peppers, not only contain vitamin C they also contain capsaicin which is an anti-inflammatory that studies suggest may help combat signs of ageing.

Leafy Greens

Foods such as spinach, kale, chard, and other leafy greens contain chlorophyll providing antioxidant properties and increasing the precursor to collagen. They also have vitamin C and are generally known to be a crucial part of a healthy diet. To be honest, anything green is likely to provide some sort of goodness, so stock up on green foods.

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