What Are Ceramosides and What Do They Do?

Ceramosides put simply, are wheat extract and are a blessing when it comes to your skin.

One study found that after consuming ceramoside for just 15 days of wrinkles were reduced by 9%, and after two-months, that had doubled to an 18% reduction. Another study found that skin elasticity improved by more than 18% in 15 days and more than 26% in just two months. The same study also found that the reduction of wrinkles was significant after two weeks.

It is also clinically proven that ceramosides improve skin moisturisation by more than 16% in 15 days and more than 21% after two months. Moisture is easily lost from the epidermis. With ceramosides, skin moisturisation is increased, and its losses are decreased. This is because the ceramosides help to keep the moisture in the dermis.

In conclusion, ceramosides help keep the skin hydrated and help prevent the breakdown of collagen. This is exactly why it is a vital ingredient in our SkinGlo Daily Collagen sachets. Its presence helps to ensure the collagen in your body can work it’s magic without being broken down and keeps your skin hydrated.

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