What Are Ceramides & Ceramosides?

What Are Ceramides & Ceramosides?

When it comes to skin, there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that you might not know about. Skin ceramides are a secret skin hero that link our skin cells together and lock in moisture. When ceramides work alongside collagen, and with a boost from ceramosides, you get a powerhouse team that protects and replenishes your skin. So just what are ceramides and ceramosides, and why are they so good for us?

What Are Ceramides?

Ceramides are naturally occurring fats, also called lipids, that form part of the skin barrier. They sit in between skin cells, filling in any gaps to lock moisture in and keep environmental stressors out. Things like heat, cold weather, and harsh chemicals can deplete skin ceramides, which is why you’ll see them as an ingredient in beauty products. Replacing ceramides helps to keep skin looking more youthful and fresh.

Essential Ceramides

About 50% of our skin’s outer layer is made up of skin ceramides. We don’t need to tell you that that’s quite a lot. There are nine different skin ceramides that make up the skin barrier. Over time, these natural ceramides start to diminish. Boosting the production of ceramides is one way to reinvigorate the skin and improve the lipid barrier. Although there are nine different types of natural skin ceramides, three of them are considered the essential ceramides. These are the ones that make the most difference. 

When it comes to ceramides in skin care, you’ll find it’s these three essential ceramides that do the hard work and are the ones most often found in the ingredients list. These are ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II. Using a beauty product with these essential ceramides can help to revive tired, dull, or dry skin. Ceramides in skincare are applied topically to the areas you want to target and are most effective when left to soak in overnight. They are a way to physically replace lost ceramides, but ceramides in skincare do not stimulate production of your natural skin ceramides.

Benefits of Ceramides

Now we know that skin ceramides are responsible for the skin barrier and that they give our skin an essential layer of protection, let’s take a look at the specific benefits of ceramides:

As you can see, the benefits of ceramides mostly come down to how they keep moisture in the skin and create an effective skin barrier. These are two important elements for youthful looking skin.

What Are Ceramosides?

Ceramosides are a blessing when it comes to your skin, but what are they actually? Well, ceramosides are a wheat extract that help to restore natural skin ceramides. Rather than applying ceramides in skincare products, ceramosides encourage ceramide production from within. 

One study found that after consuming ceramosides for just 15 days, wrinkles were reduced by 9%. After two months, this had doubled to 18%. Another study found that skin elasticity improved by more than 18% in 15 days and more than 26% in just two months. The same study also found that the reduction of wrinkles was significant after two weeks.

Moisture is easily lost from the epidermis. With ceramosides, skin moisturisation is increased, and its losses are decreased. This is because the ceramosides help to keep the moisture in the dermis. A clinical study found that ceramosides improved skin moisturisation by more than 16% in 15 days, and more than 21% after two months. 

In conclusion, ceramosides help keep the skin hydrated and help prevent the breakdown of collagen by enhancing ceramide production.

Collagen and Skin Ceramides

Collagen is an important protein in the body that contributes to the healthy function of skin, hair, muscles, and even blood vessels. Collagen production starts to reduce after about the age of 30. This can mean our skin, hair, muscles, and ligaments can need a little boost to remain youthful and to perform as well as possible. Collagen supplements can give you this boost.

As we’ve covered, the benefits of ceramides include keeping moisture in and building a strong skin barrier. If you’re taking collagen supplements, but your skin barrier is broken and dehydrated, the effects of the collagen may not be as noticeable. This is why skin ceramides and collagen work better together.

SKINGLO Liquid Collagen

The presence of ceramosides helps to ensure the collagen in your body can work its magic without being broken down and works to keep your skin hydrated. 

All SKINGLO liquid collagen sachets contain ceramosides. You’ll find 30mg of wheat lipid extract in every sachet, including our marine collagen and Vegan Collagen Support.

If you want revived, refreshed, healthy looking skin, use a collagen supplement with ceramosides and start seeing a real difference.

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