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Results You Can See

Here at SkinGlo, we take the quality of our collagen and the collagen results seriously. To test the effects of our liquid collagen drinks and see collagen results you will be happy with, we administered the SkinGlo to an array of healthy participants over a 90-day period to analyse the likes of hydration, elasticity, density/collagen structure, visual photography and photomicrography on the skin.

After a 3-months study on the effects of SkinGlo on the skin, it was found that our collagen results were fantastic. These effects included skin hydration being improved, slowing the rate of water loss, which decreased by 22%. Over the 90 days, it was also found that skin elasticity improved by 67%, making participants’ skin feel much more supple with an increase in collagen levels by 30%.

Results Summary


After three months of collagen consumption, skin inflammation decreased by 5%.


Skin hydration increased by up to 45% after three months.


Over 90 days, total epidermal water loss decreased by up to 22% and elasticity by up to 67%.

Before skin section
After skin section

Fig.1 | Photographs of one volunteer’s skin section (same position) at baseline and after 3 months of using SkinGlo.

Photographs of skin sections after 3 months showed an improvement in visual appearance. Skin appeared smoother, with a reduced erythema (skin inflammation) of 5% across the group. Skin appeared plumper and saw some reduction of fine lines.
Before facial skin surface
After facial skin surface

Fig.2 | Comparison of facial skin surface permittivity (an indicator of skin hydration) between baseline and 3 months of SkinGlo use, in one volunteer.

Skin hydration increased in all volunteers by up to 45% (mean permittivity increase = 24%). The above images show permittivity distribution (as an intensity figure) over the same facial skin section.
Before facial skin collagen density
After facial skin collagen density

Fig.3 | Comparison of facial skin collagen density (via fluoroscopy) between before and after 3 months of SkinGlo use, in one volunteer. Collagen density is indicated by the white areas of the images.

Over the 90 days, total epidermal water loss (TEWL) decreased by up to 22%. This indicates that SkinGlo promoted skin hydration and slowed the rate of water loss. Elasticity (the speed of retraction after the skin was pulled) increased by up to 67%, which correlated with all volunteers experiencing a more ‘supple’ feel to their skin.
Want To Know More?

Want To Know More?

Like with any supplement, collagen supplements work best when they are consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet. You’ll be sure to achieve a youthful, radiant complexion if you’re looking after your body and providing it with the nutrition that it requires.

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