How To Make A Collagen Smoothie: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Make A Collagen Smoothie: A Beginner’s Guide

Collagen drinks are a popular way to get your daily dose of collagen and pack in some nutrition too. A collagen smoothie or collagen protein shake is a great way to take your SKINGLO collagen sachet and they couldn’t be easier to make. In this beginner’s guide, we share some simple collagen recipes to make delicious collagen drinks.

Why Make Collagen Drinks?

You may already know by now that collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is present in many organs from skin and bones to connective tissues and tendons, which is why taking a collagen supplement can be so beneficial. If you’ve never used collagen before, or are just looking for a new way to take it, then collagen drinks can be a delicious option. You can also include healthy fruits and vegetables in your collagen smoothie, or get some extra protein by making a collagen protein shake.

Benefits of Collagen Drinks

Our Favourite Collagen Drink Recipes

Now that we’ve covered why you need to try collagen drinks, let’s look at two of our favourite collagen recipes for making a tasty collagen smoothie or healthy collagen protein shake.

Iced Chocolate Collagen Smoothie

This delicious chocolate-inspired collagen smoothie might sound naughty, but it’s packed full of good stuff. It’s a refreshing collagen boost that’s perfect for sunny days.



Of course, you can have your collagen drink at any time of day that suits you, but if you wanted to make your collagen smoothie part of your morning ritual, you could add a shot of espresso too as an alternative to an iced mocha. That way, you’re getting your morning coffee and your essential collagen supplement all in one.

Collagen Protein Shake

Protein is brilliant for our bodies. Not only is it an energy source, but it also helps us to build and repair muscles and bones, and generates the production of important hormones and enzymes. A collagen protein shake means you’re getting valuable protein in your diet, alongside boosting your collagen levels. It also tastes really good!



You’ll need to drink your collagen protein shake pretty soon after you make it, as it can set and be less enjoyable. It’s a great post-workout treat or a midday pick-me-up, so make one as soon as you know you’ll be drinking it to make sure it tastes as good as it should.

Adding Your SKINGLO Collagen Sachet To Your Collagen Drinks

You might have noticed in the directions for each of our collagen drinks that we advise you to mix the SKINGLO sachet in after you’ve blended all of the ingredients. That’s because we want to ensure that all of the nutrients contained in our collagen sachets are maintained and work exactly as they are designed to.

SKINGLO was specifically created to deliver real results by delivering collagen in a liquid format that goes straight to the bloodstream. This means that all of the benefits of our collagen sachets start working as quickly as possible. This is why we advise that you stir the collagen sachets into your collagen smoothies and shake rather than blend, just to be extra certain that you’re getting all of the collagen goodness and more besides.

Make Your Own Collagen Drinks

Now that you’ve got an idea of how to make a collagen smoothie or collagen protein shake, why not try coming up with your own collagen recipes? You can keep it simple with your favourites like banana and strawberry, or play around with adding different nut butters or even some indulgent flavours like salted caramel sauce.

You can add any of our collagen sachets into your collagen drinks, be it SKINGLO Collagen Drink Rose Gold or SKINGLO Collagen Drink Charcoal. You can also use SKINGLO Vegan Collagen Support if you’re following a plant-based diet, and you can switch out any ingredients like milk or yoghurt for alternatives like oat milk or soy yoghurt.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with your collagen drinks creations. We’d love to know how you take your SKINGLO collagen sachets and which recipes you’ve discovered.

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