Get Your Skin Holiday Ready

The sun has been out here in the UK, and we’re fully into the summer swing. It means that a summer holiday is fast approaching for many of us. So you probably want to be ready if you’re about to head off on your holiday. Here are a few ways to make your skin look its best for your time away.


We imagine you already have a solid skincare routine, which probably includes exfoliating. If it doesn’t, it’s time to start. This time we’re not just talking about your face; we mean your entire body. Now is a great time to rid yourself of all that dull skin. Having a good body scrub will leave your skin with a glow and allow it to be ready for moisturiser or tanning.

Cool the shower

We all love a warm shower, particularly in the cooler months; it’s cosy and warms you through. However, warm showers can dry your skin out. Try taking warm, lukewarm or cool showers to keep your skin soft and looking good.

Sort your hands and feet

Tidying up your nails, especially those on your feet, should be a priority. Nobody wants to see poorly cared for feet in sandals or flip-flops. You don’t need to go crazy, but spending time tidying everything up will make a big difference. Oh, and remember to get rid of dry skin on the base of your feet.

Start moisturising

Start moisturising your skin to get it in top condition and ready for your holiday. It is also great for maintaining whatever sort of tan you already have. After you’ve rinsed off your sun cream in the evenings on holiday, apply some more moisturiser to keep your skin from drying out.

Decide on the tan

Remember to wear sun cream if you’re after a good tan on holiday. The benefits of a good tan do not outweigh the possible side effects of being exposed to the sun’s rays. Use a minimum of spf30; you’ll still be able to tan and keep your skin healthy. Lastly, it’s time to decide on your fake tan if you don’t like looking pale before you leave. You can either get it done professionally or do it yourself. Either way, be careful. You don’t want to look orange.

Following the steps above and your usual skincare routine, should have you all prepped for your holiday. Although, as we’ve said, remember to wear sun cream to keep your skin safe, there’s no point making all this effort and then coming back looking like a peeling lobster. Now you just need to decide what to pack.

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