The Best Holiday Skincare Routine For Sun Kissed Skin

The Best Holiday Skincare Routine For Sun Kissed Skin

Naturally sun kissed skin is just one of the many glorious things that comes with summer sunshine, along with holiday season and ice cream weather. If you’re planning on heading off on holiday, then you’ve probably started thinking about summer skincare by now. You want to come back from your travels with freckles and a sun kissed glow, not sun damaged skin. Preparing your skin for the sun by starting a holiday skincare routine means you’ll come home looking refreshed and healthy with a dewy tan that lasts all summer long. 

Why Holiday Skincare Is Important 

A holiday is a change in routine; that’s why we love them, after all. As fun as holidays may be, they can put extra stress on your skin. Skin damage from the sun might be the most obvious thing we want to avoid, but there are other reasons that holiday skincare matters:


Aside from airport chaos and panicking that you haven’t got your passport, flying can also be detrimental to your skin. The air on an aeroplane is a lot drier than it is on the ground. This is why flying, whether short haul or long haul, can leave our skin looking tired and dry – the exact opposite of what we want when we arrive at our holiday destination. Getting ahead of your holiday skincare routine before you even set off can therefore help to reduce the impact of your plane journey. 


Like it or not, you’re probably going to sweat on holiday. A sweaty face might not be the kind of sun kissed skin you were hoping for but, more than that, excess sweat, mixed with sun cream and make-up, can clog pores up and cause spots. You can’t stop sweating – it’s totally natural and healthy – but there are things you can add to your holiday skincare routine that will reduce any after effects.

Food And Drink

One of the best things about being on holiday is all the delicious food and drink we can enjoy. However, this change to our diet can trigger reactions in our skin. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your sangria or only eat salads, but summer skincare can start from within and being mindful of what you eat and drink will help skin look wonderful, not worn out. 

Sun Damage

We couldn’t not mention sun damaged skin. Exposure to the sun’s rays and more UV than we’re used to can cause pigmentation, sunburn or, in the worst cases, skin cancer. It’s crucial to take care of skin on holiday when temperatures are much hotter. Having a good holiday skincare routine in place sets you up for healthier skin, not just for now, but for the future too.

What To Include In Your Holiday Skincare Routine 

If you want bright sun kissed skin both while you’re on holiday and when you get home, then investing time into your summer skincare routine will be well worth it. Making some simple changes now and putting in some effort can stop skin damage from the sun and leave your face looking radiant long after you’ve landed back home.

1. Exfoliation

We imagine you already have a solid skincare routine, and it most likely includes exfoliating. Brushing off dull, dead skin leaves skin soft and smooth. It’s especially good if you’re planning on partying while you’re away, to help skin stay fresh after late nights spent wearing more make-up than usual. 

If you don’t normally exfoliate as part of your holiday skincare routine, now is the time to start! We’re not just talking about your face either; we mean your entire body. Giving your body a good scrub and gently exfoliating your face will leave your skin with a glow and prepare it for moisturiser or tanning.

2. Hydration

Perhaps the simplest and cheapest way to kick off your holiday skincare routine is to drink more water. Staying hydrated is essential for sun kissed skin. Thirsty skin will look tired and puffy with more obvious pores and pronounced wrinkles. Quenched skin with plenty of moisture can flush away the toxins that cause bad skin, leaving you looking dewy and refreshed. 

As well as drinking enough water, eating the right foods is an important part of your summer skincare routine. Make sure you include lots of skin friendly recipes prior to your holiday, and try to eat healthily as much as possible when you’re away, while still indulging in your favourite meals too.

3. Cool Showers

We all love a hot shower, particularly in the colder months; it’s a bit like a big cosy hug and the last thing you fancy is a burst of tepid water. However, hot showers can dry your skin out. Try taking warm, lukewarm, or even cool showers to keep your skin feeling soft and looking good. 

If you’re brave enough, adding a blast of cold water to your morning shower can be a real pick-me-up and a surprising way to improve your holiday skincare. Cold water can kickstart your circulation and also close pores for a naturally healthy glow. 

4. Moisturise

Every skincare regime should include a good moisturiser, but bear in mind that you might need a different moisturiser for summer than the one you use in winter. Winter moisturisers can be too heavy for holiday skincare, so be sure to research the best moisturisers for summer skincare before you jet off. 

Moisturising will help to lock in your tan for that sun kissed glow, and make skin look and feel more supple. Ideally, you should moisturise twice a day, morning and night. Once you’ve washed off your sun cream after a day in the sun, apply moisturiser to keep your skin from drying out. Along with drinking enough water, this should keep skin hydrated and healthy.

5. Sun Cream

The benefits of a good tan never outweigh the possible side effects of being exposed to the sun’s rays. The most essential thing for any good holiday skincare routine is sun cream. Use a minimum of SPF30; that way you’ll still be able to get sun kissed skin that’s healthy too. Sun damaged skin isn’t worth the temporary tan, so don’t skip this step of your summer skincare.  

If skin damage from the sun is a big concern, then you can always get the holiday skin look by using a fake tan. There are lots of natural looking ones and you can buy a small bottle of face tan spritz that you gently mist over your face each evening. Including this in your holiday skincare routine means you can stay out of the sun and still have skin that sparkles.

Holiday Skincare That Starts At Home

Looking after your skin is essential all year round. Making a little extra effort with your holiday skincare will reduce sun damaged skin and hopefully mean you maintain that sun kissed look as long as possible. Healthy, hydrated skin is the best kind, no matter where you are, but remember that taking care of skin can begin at home.

You can start using collagen as part of your summer skincare routine to increase the moisture in your skin and leave it looking and feeling refreshed. SKINGLO marine collagen and Vegan Collagen Support sachets are daily supplements designed to encourage healthy skin from within. You can easily pop them in your carry-on when you’re heading away for a week or two. 

We’d love to see your sun kissed skin and how you include SKINGLO collagen in your holiday skincare routine. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see your soft, natural, sun soaked skin, and shop SKINGLO collagen supplements for refreshed skin in every season.   

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