Liquid Collagen VS Powder

Like many things in life, trying to work out which type of collagen is right for you can be a bit of a minefield. There are a lot of collagen products out there, and the most noticeable difference in choice is powder or liquid. So, which one is best? We take a look.

What is liquid collagen?

As you can tell, we’re big fans of liquid collagen. Our liquid collagen sachets are a ready mix of 8g of high-quality hydrolysed marine collagen, 200mg of vitamin C, 10mg of hyaluronic acid and a complex of B vitamins and other vital ingredients to help provide the best results.

Hydrolysed marine collagen is liquid collagen sourced from fish. This product then undergoes a hydrolysis process which breaks down collagen fibres into collagen peptides, which are small collagen chains that are more bioavailable to your body.

All nutrients need to be liquid before the body can use them. By using liquid collagen, everything is already in the form it needs to be so the body can absorb the nutrients more quickly. Not only is it absorbed more quickly, but nutrients that are already in a liquid form are also more easily absorbed, which more of the good stuff gets to where it needs to be, and there is less wastage.

Finally, we use NutriProtect technology with our SkinGlo products. NutriProtect is an innovative technology that encases the supplement in a ‘life jacket’ called a liposome. This liposome keeps the nutrients intact until they get to where they need to be. Many traditional supplements have their nutrients broken down by stomach acids before reaching the bloodstream.

What is powdered collagen?

Well, powder collagen is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a powder. If you’re familiar with protein powder, then you’ll know the sort of thing we mean. Powdered collagen is mixed with water or another liquid and then drunk.

While the powder is turned into a liquid before drinking, the trouble with powder is it doesn’t always break down into a liquid that well. As a result, sometimes the powder doesn’t mix thoroughly, and the drink can have a somewhat gritty texture.

Another issue is the dosage is not always consistent due to the powder containing small and large molecules. Some people also complain that powdered collagen can have a chalky or bitter taste.

Which one should you use?

In all honesty, both liquid and powder collagen will work and provide you with added benefits. That being said, we’d go for liquid collagen as we believe it’s the most effective way to up your intake and see results.

Our NutriProtect technology ensures you get the maximum amount of nutrients possible to produce the most visible results. Our products also come in individual sachets, which mean they are great for those on the go. So whether you’re travelling with work, heading to the gym or going on holiday, our small sachets make it easy to get your daily dose without having to carry a bulky powder tub and then worry about mixing the correct quantity.

For those reasons, we would choose liquid collagen every time.

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