What is L-Lysine And What Are The L-Lysine Benefits?

What is L-Lysine And What Are The L-Lysine Benefits?

L-Lysine is one of the main ingredients in our SKINGLO collagen supplements. It’s a mighty amino acid that can be found in food, as well as in supplements, and has a range of benefits. This guide will tell you a little more about L-Lysine, the various L-Lysine benefits, and what it has to do with collagen.

What is L-Lysine?

L-Lysine is one of 20 amino acids that the body needs for optimal health. Nine of those amino acids are considered essential and L-Lysine is one of them. The body cannot function properly without L-Lysine. Yet surprisingly, L-Lysine does not naturally occur in the body and must come from food or other sources like supplements.

What Does L-Lysine Do?

Amino acids, like L-Lysine, are responsible for forming proteins in the body. Proteins are the foundation for everything in our body and so are incredibly important. Each amino acid is slightly different in the way that it is made up, but they all play a vital role in producing the proteins we need. Without amino acids, we would not produce proteins and we could not survive. L-Lysine is an amino acid that has been shown to aid the absorption of calcium and therefore improve bone health. L-Lysine also appears to increase levels of carnitine, which helps to lower cholesterol. Finally, L-Lysine can help to increase collagen production too.

L-Lysine Benefits

Now that we have established what L-Lysine actually does and why it’s an essential amino acid, we can take a look at the actual L-Lysine benefits and why it’s worth adding it into your diet.

1. Immune Boosting

L-Lysine in some circumstances works against another amino acid called arginine. Arginine has links to the herpes virus that causes cold sores. Therefore, when enough L-Lysine is present, it can lower the production of arginine and subsequently reduce the risk of cold sores occurring. Many cold sore treatments actually contain L-Lysine. Not only can it reduce the risk of catching cold sores, but it can also effectively clear them up faster than when they’re left to heal naturally.

Although in its infancy, there has also been some research into L-Lysine benefits on the immune system and how it can block certain viruses like the flu.

2. Bone Density

L-Lysine is widely reported to help your body absorb and retain calcium, and calcium is an important mineral when it comes to strong bones. The L-Lysine benefits in relation to calcium are two-fold, as it works in the gut to absorb calcium and also in the kidneys to stop calcium being released in urine. This could be especially beneficial to women over 50, who can experience a loss of bone density due to declining levels of oestrogen.

As well as helping to strengthen bones, calcium can also support dental health, weight management, and muscle health. L-Lysine and its ability to make and keep hold of calcium may also contribute to these functions too.

3. Reducing Anxiety

Some early research has shown that L-Lysine’s benefits may extend to mental as well as physical health. The study showed that L-Lysine can inhibit some stress responses and, in turn, reduce stress-related anxiety. In addition, calcium has links to stress and anxiety reduction, and can even improve overall mood. As we’ve already touched on, L-Lysine is a calcium booster, which could be another reason why L-Lysine has a positive effect on anxiety levels.

4. Collagen Production

Collagen is the support system for many organs including skin, bones, and cartilage. L-Lysine is crucial to collagen production; without it, we don’t produce as much collagen and therefore our skin, bones, and connective tissues don’t work as well. Collagen is also responsible for healing wounds. A good dose of L-Lysine can speed up the process and help any wounds to heal faster.

These are just four L-Lysine benefits. There are other potential benefits that have anecdotal evidence but where research is still in the early stages. Some of the other L-Lysine benefits that have been reported are:

Further studies will need to be done into the many potential L-Lysine benefits, but as you can see, this little amino acid packs a very powerful punch.

Foods With L-Lysine

As the body doesn’t produce L-Lysine by itself, you’ll need to find it from other sources, mainly food. Some good foods to eat to boost your levels of L-Lysine are:

There are also plenty of foods that are rich in collagen, so you can get both L-Lysine and collagen in your diet.

L-Lysine and Collagen

L-Lysine is a collagen boosting ingredient and one of many you’ll find in SKINGLO collagen sachets. We’ve delved into the many L-Lysine benefits so as you now know, L-Lysine is not only important for collagen production, but there are many other good reasons to make it a staple part of your diet.

There are lots of recipes you can try to get your recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, and having a healthy balanced diet is obviously good for everyone. Sometimes though, life can get in the way a little and checking off every vital nutrient isn’t always easy.

Both our SKINGLO Collagen Drink Rose Gold and SKINGLO Collagen Drink Charcoal contain L-Lysine. Our sachets are a simple daily marine collagen supplement that you can take to increase collagen production and get additional L-Lysine in your diet. SKINGLO Vegan Collagen Support also has L-Lysine and has been designed for those who have a plant-based diet.

Try collagen supplements from SKINGLO to give your body a boost every day.

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