Hair Benefits of SkinGlo Collagen

What does collagen do?

According to research, collagen has been proven to promote great health benefits to hair. Collagen makes up around 70% of the middle layer of your skin, which contains the root of human hair. Collagen itself contributes to the strength of this layer of skin, and as we lose collagen over time, this may be a reason your hair begins to thin.

Collagen benefits for hair growth

As collagen is one of the most prominent and abundant proteins within your body, making up ligaments and tendons within the skin, it’s important to keep on top of it. Thus, ingesting collagen may help maintain healthy skin as well as hair, acting as a shield to fight any damage that may occur within the hair follicles.

SkinGlo Collagen

SkinGlo has been designed using advanced technology and top ingredients to allow you to keep your collagen stores topped up, providing you with firmer, stronger looking skin and hair. Taking SkinGlo collagen for just two weeks is proven to see results.

SkinGlo contains an advanced technology, also known as NutriProtect, which locks nutrients within the liposome until released into the body. This, therefore, promotes bioavailability of the collagen. The key ingredient of SkinGlo is hydrolysed collagen, more specifically marine collagen that delivers the highest quality collagen within your gut, promoting a healthier dermis over time.

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