What Are The Best Collagen Supplements For Women?

What Are The Best Collagen Supplements For Women?

There is an incredible amount of benefits in using collagen for women. Collagen exists naturally in our bodies and helps many of our organs and functions to work at their best. Unfortunately, our bodies’ collagen production begins teetering off as early as our 20s. Using a collagen supplement can help to counteract this and bring back the good stuff for optimal health. Let’s find out more…

Choosing the Best Collagen for Women

The best collagen for women will contain a high powered formula of essential ingredients designed to tackle multiple health concerns and leave women feeling amazing.

Collagen itself is a protein that naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for bone and joint health, skin function, and even hair and nail growth. Collagen is a little bit like a natural youth elixir that takes care of the things we typically associate with younger women – things like supple joints and plump skin. After 30, collagen production starts to slow down considerably and, as such, women may see a decline in certain areas; for example, it may take longer to recover after exercise or skin may lack moisture. There are tons of collagen benefits for women, be it natural collagen or a supplement. If collagen production has slowed, then supplements containing collagen for women are a way to replenish natural collagen, restoring your body from within and giving you back your glow.

Collagen for Women: Ingredients to Look For

The best collagen supplements for women contain a potent blend of ingredients that work together to replace collagen and enhance its performance.

The ingredients you should look for in marine collagen are:

As well as these hero ingredients, the best collagen supplements for women will also have a range of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps with red blood cell production, which can improve oxygen levels and help skin breathe.

Collagen Benefits for Women

There are lots of collagen benefits for women. Collagen makes up one third of the body’s total protein, so it makes sense that it would contribute to many of our vital functions and help women’s bodies in a range of ways.

1. Joint Repair

Our joints are protected by cartilage and cartilage is made of, you guessed it, collagen. Collagen supplements can help to stimulate the growth of cartilage so your joints are able to repair faster after exercise. This could be a simple walk or a more intense weight lifting session, but having collagen on your side will help you get the best out of physical activity.

2. Bone Density

Collagen has been shown to strengthen bones and help with bone density. Strong bones are healthy bones and mean we can do all of the things we love, like running and dancing. Bones also protect our internal organs, which is a pretty big deal and definitely one of the collagen benefits for women that deserves a mention. From around age 50, we lose muscle mass, making collagen for women even more important later in life.

3. Better Looking Skin

A study has shown that 9 out of 10 British women over 35 are unhappy with their skin – that’s a startling statistic. As collagen is such a key player in healthy, vibrant looking skin, replacing it when it starts to decrease can help maintain those skin characteristics we mostly associate with youth. Collagen helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump out the skin, and improve hydration. Skin texture can improve and look firmer and healthier too. Ageing is a beautiful privilege and living a long life while also feeling your best is one of the reasons collagen for women is so popular.

4. Stronger Hair and Nails

Collagen goes straight to the hair follicles, which means it sits in the scalp and can activate hair growth. Collagen can also make nails stronger by reducing brittleness. Collagen can also counteract the effects of ageing on thinning hair, as the skin around the hair follicle should be stronger and more protected. While better hair and nails may be one of the most popular collagen benefits for women, there are other things you can do alongside collagen to look after your hair and boost the effects of collagen supplements.

5. Gut Health

Collagen contains amino acids. These amino acids can help to repair the digestive tract and to reduce inflammation. Repairing the digestive tract helps with any leaky gut problems, like IBS. What’s more, using hydrolysed collagen is even better for gut health, as it is already broken down and won’t require any additional effort from your gut. Liquid collagen for women has a fast absorption rate too, so more of these crucial amino acids can start working in your gut, as they aren’t broken down during digestion.

Collagen in Pregnancy

Collagen for women is safe to take in pregnancy. However, if you’re pregnant and wanting to carry on taking collagen supplements, it is advised to use vegan collagen. Vegan collagen is a plant based alternative to marine collagen. During pregnancy, you may be advised to avoid too much fish. This is why vegan collagen can be a great alternative collagen for women during pregnancy, offering all of the same benefits. 

Collagen benefits for women are the same if you are pregnant, but may be even more beneficial as you experience changes to your skin and body. Pregnancy hormones have been said to trigger acne or dry skin and cause digestive issues like heartburn or gas. Pregnancy also puts a huge amount of pressure on your bones, joints, and ligaments. As we’ve pointed out, collagen for women targets all of these things and so is a helping hand for pregnant women experiencing these symptoms.

Collagen for Menopause

As oestrogen levels start to drop off during the menopause, collagen production reduces too. We already know collagen is declining from our 20s, so this extra loss can exaggerate things like dry, loose skin and sore joints. Menopause can also mean a loss of bone density and the risk of osteoporosis increases. 

Collagen strengthens bones, helps to repair skin, and replaces cartilage, so collagen benefits for women are perhaps even more important during this time. Discover the benefits of collagen for those over 50.

The Best Collagen Supplements for Women

The best collagen supplements for women are ones that work quickly and keep all of the important vitamins and minerals intact. Some collagen supplements can be broken down by the body by the time they enter the bloodstream, so what you see on the packet isn’t actually the same amount of collagen you’re getting.

SKINGLO supplements use hydrolysed collagen, which is easier to digest and is absorbed into the body more easily so it can set to work straight away. SKINGLO collagen has NutriProtect technology too, which protects those essential vitamins and minerals on their way to the bloodstream. 

SKINGLO collagen comes in easy-to-take single sachets and you can choose SKINGLO Collagen Drink Rose Gold or SKINGLO Vegan Collagen Support. The best collagen supplements for women are ones that work, act fast, and fit easily into busy lives. Shop the SKINGLO range of collagen to start seeing healthier hair, nails, and skin, as well as stronger bones and joints. 

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