What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Men?

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Men?

There are multiple collagen benefits for men, from bone and muscle strength to skin and even gut health support. Men have a higher collagen density than women and, as a result, thicker and firmer skin.

However, according to dermatologists, men also lose collagen at a steadier rate than women. Women lose more collagen more quickly around the age of 50 or when they reach the menopause, so the change in appearance may be more sudden. Men, on the other hand, steadily lose collagen as the years progress, so may not realise the impact this loss is having. Taking collagen for men improves collagen production, offsetting this steady decline and bringing with it a whole host of collagen benefits for men.

Why Take Collagen For Men?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It supports an incredible amount of functions – for example, helping blood to clot or replacing dead skin cells. Collagen is naturally produced by the body and can also be found in many foods like chicken, spinach, and eggs. Unfortunately though, collagen production peaks in our 20s and then we start to produce less as we go into our 30s. Taking collagen for men supplements the body’s natural collagen supplies and any collagen from food.

With work, families and social lives, getting enough of any nutrient is hard enough, and the same can be said for collagen. The benefits of collagen for men as a supplement, whether that’s a liquid, a powder or a tablet, include the convenience and ease they bring, and the guaranteed daily dose of collagen for men you’ll be getting.

What Is In Collagen For Men?

Hydrolysed marine collagen for men is primarily based on marine sourced collagen, ie, collagen that has been derived from fish. This more sustainable source of collagen for men is not only better for the environment than some other types of collagen, but is the most bioavailable form. It is therefore absorbed into the bloodstream faster, meaning the collagen ingredients are not broken down by the body and more of the nutrients can get to work.

Alongside hydrolysed marine collagen, collagen for men has a meticulous blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids designed to increase collagen production and each has their own individual benefits.


Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) plays a pivotal role in the body’s ability to produce collagen. MSM also reduces inflammation in the joints and so is a powerhouse ingredient for any men who work in manual professions or exercise regularly.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a formidable ingredient and reinforces many of the collagen benefits for men. Vitamin C encourages the growth of fibroblasts, which increase collagen production, and its antioxidant properties protect skin from sun damage, and revitalise the skin’s appearance – perfect for men who want to re-energise their skin and look a little fresher day-to-day.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is a folate, supporting the development and maintenance of cells and is particularly important for periods of growth. For example, vitamin B9 contributes to a healthy reproductive system for men and improves heart health.

Vitamin B12

Another super ingredient that enhances the benefits of collagen for men is vitamin B12. Men with a vitamin B12 deficiency can suffer headaches, weakness, and low mood. Vitamin B12 helps the body to produce more red blood cells, which carry oxygen to all our vital organs. Red blood cells also help collagen production, reinforcing the benefits of collagen for men.


Not as well known as some of the other essential vitamins and minerals, L-Lysine is an amino acid that helps the body to absorb calcium. The obvious impact of this is stronger bones so that we aren’t in danger of losing bone density as we age. L-Lysine also strengthens cartilage and tendons, helps the body recover faster and plays a part in muscle development, making it a wonder ingredient for men who exercise or play sport regularly.

Collagen plays a massive role in our overall health, and so any ingredients that support and maintain collagen will magnify the benefits of collagen for men. They all come with their own advantages too, contributing to overall health and wellness.

Benefits Of Collagen For Men

It’s clear just from the brief list above that taking a supplement containing essential ingredients alongside collagen for men can do wonders for day-to-day health and improve the body’s response to things like physical activity. Collagen supplements are often touted as an anti-ageing product, and rightly so, but there are many other associated benefits of collagen for men, including:

Healthier Joints

Collagen is crucial for healthy joints, improving the overall function of them, reducing any pain and increasing mobility. The benefits of collagen for men on joint health are particularly important as men age and joints need some extra help. This is also true for men who take part in physical activity, for example running or weight training.

Stronger Muscles

Many of the amino acids present in collagen are responsible for muscle recovery and growth. Collagen for men shores up the production of these amino acids, helping to improve physical performance and reduce muscle aches and pains. Less downtime after the gym is one of the best collagen benefits for men who like to be active.

Healthy Hair

We all want healthy hair and hair loss can be a concern for many men. Collagen for men reinforces the structure of the hair follicles and can help make hair look fuller. Collagen doesn’t make hair grow, but because it fortifies hair and skin follicles, (which give hair a solid base to grow from), it can be helpful in maintaining hair and making any new hair growth stronger.

Bone Density

A decline in bone density is a by-product of getting older. It can be staved off through regular exercise and by taking a supplement like collagen for men. Collagen benefits for men include stronger bones because healthy bone tissue has a generous amount of collagen, making it a core contributor to better bone strength.

Firmer Skin

Appearance might not be a driving factor when considering the benefits of collagen for men, but collagen supplements result in firmer, moisturised, and more elasticated skin. The skin is often the shop front to what’s happening inside our bodies – if skin is looking healthy and revitalised, we know that collagen is working its magic elsewhere too.

SKINGLO Collagen For Men

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